Why Choose Wilson Mortgage Group?

Lender Credits

We offer lender credits on most loan programs (Conventional, FHA, etc.).  These credits help to offset a portion of closing costs, allowing you to conserve cash.  Note, like interest rates, the amount of the lender credit fluctuates daily with the open market.

No Origination Fee

We do not have originations fees for our services, allowing you to conserve cash.

Lender Partnerships

We are partnered with 9 lenders which enables us to competitively shop for the best pricing and loan product that fits your needs.

More Than 20 Loan Products

Through our partnerships with lenders, we have access to unique loan products that may not be widely offered.

A Mortgage Company That Invests In YOU

Our CEO has extensive customer service experience in a global economy across different trades. We fully dedicate our time to serving you!  We streamline and optimize the entire process to give you peace of mind. We are your advocate every step of the way.