Wilson Mortgage Group

Vision:  To Be the Most Respected Mortgage Company Throughout the Nation

Mission:  To Serve Our Clients With Integrity, Transparency, Competence & Efficiency 

We will achieve this by providing a wide variety of home loan products to you that are structured to fit your needs and come with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible.

Meet Our CEO!

Dave has over 15 years of customer service and finance experience across eight different industries, ranging from financial services (Charles Schwab) to gold / copper mining (Newmont Mining).  He obtained his master’s in business administration with an emphasis in innovation and entrepreneurship from the University of Denver and his bachelor’s in quantitative finance from the University of Colorado.

Dave is no stranger to the lending business.  His father, Carl, built multiple lending companies responsible for loan origination across the country beginning in the 1960’s.  He even developed unique mortgage products that are commonly used today and formed the first secondary market for the sale of bank mortgage loans originated in Puerto Rico to the U.S. market.  Combined years of knowledge and experience of over 55 years puts WMG in a competitive advantage to find the optimal solution for any borrower.

In his early career, Dave was a customer service ambassador for several companies, including Bally Total Fitness and the Anderson Language Technology Center.  He focused on connecting people with their inner emotional and physical capabilities while advancing into management positions.

Dave later chose to pursue his passion for finance in the world’s second largest gold mining company, Newmont Mining, where he spent the bulk of his tenure as the global finance manager for business excellence.  This role enabled him to manage teams around the world and generate over $150 million in annual value creation through unique lean six sigma processes and financial tools that he created.  He also led multi-million dollar projects and excelled in customer service-focused endeavors for large Fortune 500 companies, including Xcel Energy and DaVita.

Dave’s entrepreneurial ventures steered him to becoming a stock broker with Charles Schwab and managing client portfolios through a unique combination of stock option strategies via smaller companies he built from the ground-up.  He also worked as a project management consultant, helping start-up companies gain traction by implementing best practices in organizational effectiveness and strategy.

Determined to combine his two main passions – ‘helping people’ and ‘finance,’ coupled with his desire to continue the family business, Dave ventured into mortgage lending and worked for 1st Mortgages and ABC Mortgage as a Senior Mortgage Loan Originator.  Realizing this career path was ‘meant to be,’ Dave formed Wilson Mortgage Group and has assisted hundreds of families obtain / leverage their dream home through funding over $100 million in loans.  His expansive appetite for growth opportunities and extensive experience in lean six sigma will lead his company to becoming the most respected mortgage company throughout the nation.

As a Colorado native, Dave loves to unwind in the mountains with his family and coach little league baseball.  His wife is a business leader in a Fortune 200 company.  Their brindle Frenchie, Daisy, is the mascot of WMG and is an all-around positive influence.  If you're struggling to determine which mortgage option is best for you, Daisy will be there to help guide you to the appropriate path (with Dave's assistance, of course).